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Spot Color Printing: This is the most common form of screen printing tee shirts. This method uses the stock color of the ink without alterations by printing it through the stencil in wide open areas of the screen mesh. This will produce a very vibrant solid “spot” of color. It also tends to produce thicker layers of ink depending on the ink and the mesh count used. Printing in spot colors will be helpful in achieving opacity on darker garments. This is the least expensive to create artwork for and can also be very cost effective to print on 1 to 4 colors. When you begin to plan a design with 5 to 8 or more spot colors, a different printing method like simulated process may reduce the amount of film work and screen making needed to set up the job. Spot color artwork is great for most graphic logos that do not require gradients or excessive colors.

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Spot Colors Screen Printing in Jacksonville, FL

All About T-shirt Screen Printing In Florida

There are various types of custom printing services that are provided here in Florida. But among all of them, we provide the best work. We have the best techniques for t-shirt screen printing in Florida. But before that let us know what t-shirt screen printing is? The method of t-shirt screen printing involves the use of a mesh that helps in the transfer of the ink excluding the impermeable areas. And for this method, you need the best applications. We have the storage of highly developed types of machinery with high-quality ink. So, why go somewhere else, when we have all that you need to screen printing t-shirts in Florida?

What are the benefits of t-shirt screen printing in Florida?

Our company is the best when it comes to t-shirt printing services in Florida. Let us see some of the benefits as to why you should have screen t-shirt printing in Florida from us:

  • It is affordable for people to buy easily.

  • Low run-around speed for screen printing.

  • With the help of screen printing, photographic images can be transferred very acutely.

  • Screen printing works the best for short print or one-off runs.

  • You can choose your own designs and can get them customized to your choice.

  • The designs sit on the material flatly and perfectly.

  • The designs do not bulge up.

All about screen printing t-shirts in Florida

This is one of the traditional methods that is used in Florida. With the help of a stencil, designs are made on the surface of the mesh which is very fine in quality or on the surface of fabric polyester. The ink is pushed to penetrate the several layers of the stencil so that the print gets established on the material. To create the final design on the t-shirt, different colors of ink are pushed through different stencils used for screen printing. Whereas, to protect the rest of the areas of the material from getting the stamp of the ink, the areas are covered with the help of an impermeable substance. This prevents the ink from leaving a stain.

What is our advice?

Sometimes our customers are often confused about which printing to take up. And we always advise them to go for screen t-shirt printing in Florida. T-shirt screen printing not only gives you a higher quality of comfort wear but it is also durable.

Yes, it is time-consuming, but there is no such other work as compared to screen t-shirt printing in Florida. If you ever go for custom printing, then it has to be screen printing. The cost is comparatively low as compared to digital printing too.

And if this piece of article somehow attracts you, then you must not forget about us. We provide the best t-shirt screen printing in Florida. Order from us now and get the most comfortable customized t-shirt.

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